Pony Sweat

Sweat. Guts. Heart.

Pony Sweat is a fiercely non-competitive, body-positive dance aerobics celebration created for ALL levels of fitness and coordination! This cardio workout is designed to keep us moving and smiling while we dance to music reminiscent of a favorite mixtape.  Music that's close to the heart!  A dance class that feels like dancing in your bedroom. A simple yet challenging workout that will add some fun and SPIRIT to your exercise routine (or lack-of!)!   Wear your sneaks, bring a mat if you got one,  Come As U R, All Ways, ALWAYS!

About the instructor:  Emilia rediscovered her childhood love for dance aerobics in 2009 and her life has been SO MUCH better for it! Even though she always loved to dance, team sports and P.E. filled Emilia with an unwavering distrust for all things fitness related. With time that distrust grew to include her own body's abilities to be strong and energetic.  As an adult she felt shy and clumsy in dance classes, scared to embarrass herself at a gym, worried that she didn't know yoga well enough to follow, and way too self-conscious to sweat in public anyway!  Dance Aerobics opened a door into a world of fitness that she is no longer afraid of.   She intends Pony Sweat to be an exercise class where people of all abilities belong, where we take time for our bodies to play as they once did, where sweating is synonymous with self-expression, and where synchronous dance moves nurture friendship and community!!  

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